Acne Facials In Singapore That Work For Any Skin Type


The skincare industry is booming with facial treatments designed specifically to do away with unsightly acne and acne scars, unwanted sagging skin and wrinkles, and undesired pigmentation and blemishes. A new kind of acne facial treatment in Singapore does a lot more than just rejuvenate the skin and bring back the plumpness of youthful allure. 

acne facial treatment singapore

When tea tree facial masks, aloe vera moisturizers, or acne medications fail to work, facial treatments offer benefits to damaged and dehydrated skin, including:

  • Lifting and tightening sagging skin
  • Eliminates active acne and acne scars
  • Brightens skin complexion
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Some facial treatments may not be suitable for all skin types, but it is good to know which facial treatment can tackle common skin issues like acne, regardless of the type and texture of the skin. Here we explore acne facial treatments and how they work. 

What is an acne facial?

Acne facials are a special type of facial treatment that is uniquely designed to treat certain types of acne. With superficial, hormonal acne, the inflamed skin can be calmed and treated with suitable facial techniques to reduce the inflammation, remove pus, reduce the risk of infection in the skin, and prevent future breakouts. 

There are several techniques that can be used in an acne facial treatment, including the more popular exfoliation technique, masking technique or with laser therapy.

While these may sound like a regular facial, the procedures differ in the way these techniques are performed on acne-prone or acne-scarred skin. 

Depending on the type and severity of the acne, your doctor may recommend an acne facial treatment for you to counter the acne breakout. 

acne facial process

Other types of facials

To calm inflamed skin, you may also be recommended to combine the treatment with another type of facial treatment for enhanced results. There are several types of facial treatments that complement the effects of an acne facial. 

The benefits of these other facial treatments can include:

  • Deep cleansing 

While we religiously cleanse our faces every night and day, no amount of cleansing will help to rid the skin of the pollution and unclog the pores. A deep cleansing in a facial treatment helps to reduce the amount of dirt buildup in the pores, eliminate dead cells from the skin to prevent further breakouts, and removes excess shine from oil buildup on the surface. 

A multi-functional skin treatment, Illumia Therapeutics’ HydraClear Facial reveals vibrant, radiant skin with a series of treatments hailing from Korea that revitalizes the skin from within. Clients can expect visibly improved acne, reduced whiteheads and blackheads, diminished pores, and a healthier overall complexion. 

  • Facelifting effects

Wrinkles, expression lines around the nasolabial folds and Marionette lines cannot be targeted with simple topical ointments or anti-ageing creams. Some facial treatments adopt innovative technology to targets skin-deep physiological and dermatological issues, stimulating the skin cell regeneration process thus promoting collagen and elastin production, resulting in younger-looking skin.

Illumia Therapeutics’ Triple Gold Lifting® Facial achieves this using state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, maximizing anti-aging effects in the skin and improving skin vitality and hydration. Individuals who desire firmer, tauter skin with non-invasive techniques are great candidates for this facial treatment. 

acne facial facelifting effects

  • Pigmentation erasing

It is not enough to use specific skincare products, but the technique in which these products are used are also crucial to the treatment’s effectiveness. By regularly clocking in a facial treatment, people struggling with pigmentation, blemishes, redness, or light inflammation in the skin can achieve a clearer, fairer complexion with a customized facial treatment. 

Skin pigmentation is essentially part of the skin healing process, but facial treatments can help to even out the skin complexion, resulting in fairer skin. Illumia Therapeutics’ Lux LED Facial is one such facial, using light emitting diodes (LEDs) to target photo-damaged areas of the skin to clear pigmentation and blemishes. 

Benefits of an acne facial

Acne facials are specialized and unique to treat certain types of acne, specifically comedones. These are characteristic of acne types like blackheads and whiteheads - slightly raised skin- or dark-coloured bumps on the skin without pus. 

illustration of different types of acne

Pus-filled acne indicates a severe form of acne, and you will need to exercise caution when going for acne facials to clear the skin. You will most likely need a stronger form of acne facial, like a laser treatment, to treat this form of acne. 

For the most part, acne facials have several advantages over traditional facial treatments. 

  • Suitable for normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive or matured skin types

In acne facial treatments in Singapore, your doctor will consider your skin type and cater the treatment specifically for your unique needs. You will not need to worry about facial treatments not suiting your skin type or condition. 

  • No downtime

Another benefit of an acne facial treatment is zero downtime, without the lingering tingling sensation. Substantial improvements can be seen after a few sessions, and your skin instantly cleaner, tighter and firmer right after the session.

  • Can be done as lunchtime treatment

Lunchtime treatments are well-known as cosmetic procedures that are done within the hour. Acne facial treatments can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, and you can resume activities or work immediately after.

  • No swelling or bruising

Acne facial treatments are devised to ensure reduced skin inflammation, balance the skin’s pH level as well as regulate the sebum production to calm the skin, thus preventing acne and lowering the risks of swelling or bruising in the treatment at the same time.

acne facial benefits

  • Easily integrated with any skincare routine

Acne facials can be integrated with your existing skincare routine as a complementary treatment to amplify the effects. A facial is best done consistently, either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and improvements in the skin will build up over time, resulting in clearer, supple skin. 

Acne facial costs in Singapore

The costs of facial treatments in Singapore may begin from as low as $30 a session, but the price of a specialized acne facial treatment can start from $300. Rest assured that your acne facial treatment plan will be highly customized and uniquely tailored for your skin type and condition, and your aesthetic doctor will recommend the best procedures to ensure optimal results. 

Remember that an acne facial treatment in Singapore is not a one-size-fit-all situation. Speak to Illumia Therapeutics’ skin experts to choose the perfect facial treatment. Book a consultation with us at our medispa in Serangoon or in the heart of Orchard today. 


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