Acne in Adults: When to See a Dermatologist


When dealing with stubborn zits, adult acne dermatologists can help you address the problem with effective and long-lasting acne treatments available in Singapore. While adult acne is a skin condition that exists in many forms, no one should have to live with it for the rest of their lives. 

Adult acne can have a negative impact on one’s self-esteem and emotions. It has been noted that there is a link between acne and depression in women. A 2018 study in the British Journal of Dermatology revealed how adults with acne problems have a 63% higher chance of developing depression.

Combating adult acne

how to combat adult acneBreakouts are not only reserved for puberty. Acne in adults, especially women, are a common occurrence.

Adult acne is caused by the same things that once caused your teen acne, alongside hormone changes brought on by menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, or menopause. As women get older, estrogen levels see a decline while male hormones like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone increase. This triggers a surge in oil production in the face, leading to clogged pores and eventually acne.

Acne treatment in Singapore comes in a variety of options, depending on the type and severity of acne. When treatment is started early, acne can heal faster, and breakouts can be better controlled. Delaying adult acne treatment may lead to bigger inflammation and high bacterial growth in the skin.

adult acne facialAn acne facial helps to treat superficial and hormonal acne using facial techniques that can reduce inflammation, eliminate pus, prevent future breakouts, and minimize risk of infections. Techniques used at Illumia Therapeutics include exfoliation, masking and laser therapy to calm inflamed skin and reduce redness and swelling.

At home, derma skincare products containing active ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or hydroxy acids can be applied directly to the skin to minimize breakouts and regulate the skin’s sebum production.

When is it time to see an adult acne dermatologist?

Dermatologists in Singapore can help to treat active acne by helping individuals determine the best course of action to take. Based on the assessment of the skin and severity of the acne, the dermatologist will advise if medication (oral or topical) or aesthetic procedures, such as laser treatments, is well suited for your skin type and condition.

  • Acne starts disrupting your lifestyle

Sometimes, the simplest reason is the most important reason. Acne can take a huge toll on one’s emotional health and can make going through a daily routine difficult.

Our self-confidence is closely connected to our complexion. When acne is out of control and the skin is riddled with inflamed bumps, self-esteem will take a plunge and all the motivation needed to go about the day is lost. If adult acne is let on and the condition worsens, a decrease in productivity levels and a loss of interest in things in life may ensue.

  • Topical ointments & derma skincare products no longer work

ineffective acne productsWith the use of topical or derma skincare products, acne often goes away by the fourth or sixth-week mark. If you have tried every recommended acne product or as seen advertised online yet acne remains persistent, a visit to the dermatologist is due.

  • Acne keeps recurring at the same places

Recurring acne frequently pops up in the same area as inflammation from the previous pimple still exists deep in the skin. This makes the spot vulnerable to sebum accumulation and hormonal imbalance, leading to acne recurrence.

In Singapore, a dermatologist can help examine the inflammation that is deeply rooted in the skin and offer advice on how to better treat it.

  • Acne is too painful & leaves scars

painful and scarring acneSevere inflammatory acne such as nodules and cysts are trapped deep within layers of the skin and are typically painful. When acne is prodded at and the inflammation reaches the skin surface, surrounding skin cells break down and scarring occurs.

However, active acne and previous scars can be properly managed with acne facials, customized acne treatment plans, or a combination of both. 

What not to do about adult acne

The number one rule to getting rid of adult acne is to not pick at or squeeze them. Doing so will only further aggravate the acne lesion. Following this, a wound will develop, and the skin becomes more prone to a bacterial infection.

do not cover makeup adult acneIt may also be our natural instinct to cover up acne with makeup. But certain ingredients such as silicones in powder, oil, and liquid-based makeup have pore-clogging properties. Primers often increase acne inflammation as well. Let your skin breathe and go makeup-free as often as possible to aid in your skin’s healing process.

Additionally, while acne should not be prodded at, it should also not be left untreated. The earlier acne is treated, the faster it can heal, and thus prevent the formation of larger and painful acne. Having a trusted adult acne dermatologist who can offer expert advice can also relieve acne faster. 

Why choose Illumia Therapeutics?

Our therapists at Illumia Therapeutics work together with the team of aesthetic doctors and expert doctors at Illumia Medical to curate unique acne treatment plans for all types of acne to help you achieve clear, acne-free skin. 

dual ultrasound facial for various skin conditionsA prime example of an acne facial is our Triple Gold Lifting® Facial. It is scientifically formulated to target both matured and acne-prone skin. Using triple-ultrasound waves, skin enzymes are broken down to calm and reduce inflammation. Clients like Nicole Low share that they see clearer, hydrated skin after their sessions.

hydraclear facial processIllumia Therapeutics’ HydraClear facial is another treatment that involves microdermabrasion to revitalize the skin from within. This treatment hailed from Korea can visibly improve acne, reduce whitehead and blackheads, and diminish pores.

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