Guide To The Best Aesthetic Treatments In Your 30s


Looking for the best aesthetic treatments in your 30s? We lay it all out in this guide for men and women in Singapore. We previously covered the best aesthetic treatments for twenty-somethings too, please check it out.

At this point, wrinkles, fine lines, folds, creases, and dull skin must no longer be strangers to people in their 30s. While you may have gone through the stressful hormonal acne period as a teenager, the dark eye circles from late nights in school and work in your 20s, the 30s are now bringing about a dreaded onslaught of new skin troubles.

skincare tips in your 30s

How the skin changes in your 20s

Did you know that skin cell turnover starts slowing down as early as your twenties? By your thirties, dead cells start accumulating rapidly which leads to a loss of radiance. The skin starts going through a transition in which it experiences more dryness and irritation than before. Not only will the skin appear duller than before, but dark spots will start appearing too.

skin changes in 30s diagram - wrinkles formingUpon hitting the big 3, you will start to see some early signs of ageing and sun damage that you were careless about in your younger years. Some people may start seeing fine lines and dark spots from their early 30s, but otherwise, the skin will still remain volumized and elastic.

This means that a skin treatment is not too far-fetched of an idea to restore the glow and bounce in your skin.

Common skin problems in your 20s

  • Dull complexion

The skin’s repair system starts slowing down in the thirties. This means dead skin cells are not being replenished by fresh cells as quick as before. As such, your complexion will start looking uneven, dull, and may even crack.

  • Dry skin

dry skin in your 30sProduction of hydrating factors such as oil, sebum, and hyaluronic acid slows down and breakdown increases. When the skin has difficulties obtaining the natural moisture required, the skin will appear drier than before.

  • Fine lines and loss of volume

Life starts showing on the faces of people in their thirties. Proteins such as collagen and elastin breakdowns faster while production is slowed. A decreased collagen production will result in the skin appearing less tight, the sightings of more prominent laugh lines and some fine forehead wrinkles.

  • Skin irritation

As cell turnover is reduced, the ageing skin will have a harder time recovering from any inflammation. The skin will become thinner and finer and is less tolerant of factors such as cold weather, harsh cleansers, and heavy makeup.

  • Hyperpigmentation

hyperpigmentation in your 30sDark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, on the skin are caused by years of unprotected exposure to the sun. This stimulates pigment-producing cells into forming dark spots while acne scars fade at a slower rate due to the decreased cell turnover rate.

Best aesthetic treatments in your 30s

Taking care of the skin while in your thirties does not have to be difficult. One can start off by incorporating exfoliators into their weekly routine to help with cell turnover and go for aesthetic facial treatments to maintain the skin’s radiance and health.

Most of the skin problems you are currently having troubles with can be managed with these best aesthetic treatments for men and women in their 30s.

For tightening & rejuvenation

dual ultrasound facial for tightening and rejuvenationTriple Gold Lifting® Facial builds skin immunity by actively encouraging skin healing that aids in maintaining a healthy skin barrier. Facial scars or spots can fade at a faster rate while offering the skin better protection from prolonged sun exposure or extreme weather conditions.

Downtime: None
Results: Progressive
Frequency: Weekly or bi-weekly

For volume & revitalising

oxygen perfector facial for volume and revitalisingTo help you achieve a tight and youthfully smooth complexion, the Oxygen Perfector Facial uses a patented system to supply purified oxygen into the skin. With sufficient oxygen supply, the dermis is able to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid structures to keep the skin healthy.

Downtime: None
Results: Immediate
Frequency: Monthly or as needed for maintenance

For ultra-hydration & moisture

sep facial for ultra hydration and moistureTo eliminate and prevent further skin imperfections, Illumia uses SkinElectroporation® (S.E.P.) technology in the signature Miracle S.E.P. Facial to improve serum delivery by 17 times more. Transdermally delivering low, painless pulses of strong ingredients into the skin increases its permeability to keep it glowing and hydrated.

Downtime: None
Results: Immediate
Frequency: As needed for maintenance

For targeted healing & brightening

light therapy LED facial for targeted healing and brighteningLux LED Facial uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to target the deep layers of the skin for brightening, lightening and healing effects. Through Bio-modulation, damaged skin cells are repolarized to stimulate a vibrant and radiant look.

Downtime: None
Results: Progressive
Frequency: Twice weekly over 4 weeks

For deep-cleansing & exfoliation

hydraclear facial for deep cleansing and exfoliationFor a complete treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, rehydrates, and rejuvenates at the same time, Illumia’s Hydra Clear Facial is the best fit. After a single treatment, positive improvements to damaged or wrinkled skin can be seen.

Downtime: None
Results: Immediate
Frequency: As needed for maintenance

What about Botox & skin boosters?

Other than aesthetic skin treatments, cosmetic treatments such as Botox and skin boosters can also be considered to combat the early signs of ageing.

botox and skin booster for 30sDull and damaged skin in the 30s can be fixed with skin booster treatments. Skin boosters can result in fresh and glowy complexions almost instantly. As it settles deep in the skin, collagen and elastin are boosted to keep the skin looking supple and lifted.

In fact, skin boosters can be more beneficial for men and women in their 30s with skin-related problems. Here are some benefits the cosmetic treatment can offer:

● Increased moisture level in the skin
● Boosts the skin’s natural glow
● Enhances the skin’s suppleness
● Improves skin elasticity
● Eliminates fine lines
● Reduces pigmentation and dark eye circles
● Relieves acne scars
● Minimizes large pores
● Lessen inflammation

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