These Body Sculpting Treatments Will Make You Look Like You Workout Everyday


While a balanced diet and regular exercise are essential to maintaining a healthy body, some of us might struggle to combat stubborn pockets of fat no matter what. And if you wish to add more definition to areas like the back of your arms, thighs, the upper back and love handles, you can consider body-sculpting treatments that specifically target these stubborn areas.

strike plastic surgery + add X on the pouch

Enter: non-invasive body-sculpting treatments. Comprising a wide range of technology including radiofrequency, ultrasound, electric magnetic stimulation and cryolipolysis, these treatments help target stubborn fat at different areas of the body. The fat is naturally eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system, and the area looks slimmer and more defined. These body-sculpting treatments are almost always relatively painless, with short treatment times and little to no down-time.

And while they are effective, it is important to note that a balanced diet and consistent workout regimen are equally important. Let’s take a closer look at how they work.

EMSElectric Magnetic Stimulation (EMS)

A workout where you don’t have to move and sweat? Yes, please! This is exactly what this treatment is like. It uses electric magnetic energy to stimulate the muscles and trigger muscle contractions that help build muscle and lose the stubborn fat you’ve always wanted to get rid of.

At illumia Therapeutics, the illumiaSculpt uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to tone and contour your body and/or build muscles. It stimulates the muscle tissue to perform high-tension contractions, which you would not be able to normally achieve in a regular workout session. This helps build new muscle fibres while developing existing muscle. The process also boosts the release of a hormone that helps kill the fat cells. While the number of treatments for each person varies, you can expect to see more defined muscles (including a perkier booty) with the reduction in subcutaneous fat.


fat freeze


This technology is commonly known as “fat freezing” because it relies on the vulnerability of fat cells to temperature changes. Fat cells are proven to commit cell death at freezing point, as a result of this the layer of fat right under the skin is reduced while the surrounding skin is left unaffected. illumia Therapeutics has two treatments that use cryolipolysis technology to help with fat reduction: the Cooltech 360 Icesculpt Fat Freezing Treatment and the Z Lipo 360 Treatment.

The Z Lipo 360 has applicators that optimally target areas that collect stubborn fat including the area under your chin. The treatment begins with a pain-free suction and the temperature of the area is then reduced via controlled cooling. Cooling sheets are placed on the area to protect the skin from any damage. The vacuum function has also been improved with suction dispersed throughout the applicator to provide a gentler, more comfortable experience. Treatment times are short—approximately 30 minutes—and you can target two areas simultaneously.

The Cooltech 360 Icesculpt Fat Freezing Treatment on the other hand has nine different hand pieces that come in different shapes, sizes and contours to target stubborn fat on virtually any area of the body. Some are specially contoured to fit areas below the chin and armpits, inside of the knees, calf areas etc. Using 360 technology the temperature of the area is rapidly, but safely, reduced to -8 degrees Celsius to eliminate fat cells. After the treatment the area is massaged for optimal results. Each session is about 70 minutes but with the Cooltech 360 IceSculpt you can have up to four applicators working simultaneously, which make it an extremely efficient fat reduction treatment. There is no down time, and you can expect to see results from two weeks to a month.



Radiofrequency and Ultrasound

These technologies are often used to tone and add definition to the contours of the face but are equally helpful at fat reduction. When radiofrequency is used for fat reduction, controlled heat is applied to the area to eliminate fat cells, whereas ultrasound uses ultra-sonic radio waves to break up the fat cell membranes to release stored fat. However, the controlled heating during radiofrequency also helps stimulate production of collagen to help lift and tighten lax skin.

Get the benefits of both these treatments with the Ultrawave Guided Transverse Wave Ultrasound technology and AlmaWave radiofrequency (RF) technology that come together with the Prime X treatment. Because of its fat reduction plus skin strengthening benefits, this treatment is ideal for people who want to target cellulite. The treatment has different modes to deliver reduction in inches, optimal body contouring and skin tightening benefits. Ultrawave allows you to reach your body goals with features that allow for uniform and steady delivery of ultrasound pulses that create little shockwaves to destroy fat cells. While a different set of body applicators deliver deep dermal heating (RF) to target fat loss as well as boost skin tightening at small and large areas of the body.

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