Everything You Wanted To Know About Fat Freezing


Cryolipolysis. Fat freezing. CoolTech. Z Lipo 360. If you’ve searched for body contouring treatments in Singapore, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across these terms and treatment names. Are they the same thing? How do they work? Are they effective? Who can get cryolipolysis? We’re here to fill you in on the coolest body contouring treatments in Singapore.

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a technique by which local fat cells are cooled to a temperature at which they commit cell death or apoptosis without harming the surrounding skin or other tissue. In fact, the word cryolipolysis is a literal translation of the process: “cryo” means cold, “lipo” translates to fat and “lysis” is destruction. Because the process involves extreme cooling to destroy the fat cells, it is also commonly known as “fat freezing”. The destroyed fat cells are eventually eliminated from the body through the natural lymphatic system reducing fat. The whole process is quick, non-invasive, doesn’t involve needles and is relatively painless depending on your pain threshold.

Who is it for?

This technique of body contouring is ideal for those who want to target stubborn, pinchable pockets of fat that refuse to go away no matter how much time they spend working out or how much salads they eat. These could be at the waist, thighs, flank, back of arms or even under the chin. However, people who intend to try out fat freezing should be assessed if they are eligible for the treatment.

People eligible for cryolipolysis can choose from CoolTech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freezing Treatment and Z Lipo 360, both of which use fat freezing technique for body contouring.

If you’re looking to target stubborn fat at hard-to-reach places like under the chin, around the knees, calves, under the armpits and love handles the CoolTech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freezing Treatment is for you. It has not one, not two, but nine hand pieces that come in different shapes and sizes, contoured to effectively bust stubborn fat on different parts of the body. The hand pieces have light suction abilities that ensure they adhere properly to the areas to be treated. Once they are in place, the adipose or fat cells are safely and rapidly cooled to a temperature of -8 degrees Celsius at which apoptosis occurs and the fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body in due course of time. After the treatment, the area is massaged for best results. The CoolTech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freezing Treatment allows for up to four hand pieces to be used at the same time making it a very efficient fat reduction treatment. Each session is about 70 minutes and there is no down time.

If you prefer a quicker session, you could opt for the Z Lipo 360. The 30-minute session starts with cooling sheets being placed on the area to be treated. This safeguards the skin from any frostbite. Next, the applicators apply pain-free suction and the temperature of the area is then safely reduced via controlled cooling. The vacuum function on the applicators has been improved so that the suction is dispersed throughout the applicator to provide a gentler, more comfortable experience. To get the most out of your half an hour session, you can request to target two areas simultaneously.

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