What Are Fat Freezing Devices & Can You Use Them At Home?

fat freezing devices

A fat freezing treatment, or cryolipolysis, is a pain-free procedure to remove fats in the body using non-invasive techniques.

It has gained popularity over surgical fat-reduction treatments, with more clients choosing CoolSculpting or CoolTech, and some even doing their own version of fat freezing treatments in their own homes.

The more commonly known fat freezing treatments have the words like “CoolTech” in it, and these are not just made-up words. In fact, while cryolipolysis is the medical term, words like “CoolSculpting”, “CoolTech” as well as “Clatuu” are popular brands in the body-contouring industry.

What these brands have in common is the technique used to burn the fats in your body.

With a number of devices designed to treat any part of the body including your chin, back, thighs or arms, these devices emit cold temperature to the desired area.

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The cool energy then destroys your fat cells through the natural “cell death” process, causing them to crystallize and die off.

As a result, you see lesser fats in the treated parts of the body.

This article will explain the differences in these fat freezing treatments.

Most common fat freezing devices in Singapore


 The most popular fat freezing device used in Singapore, CoolSculpting has 10 applicators all uniquely designed to target various parts of the body.

While each session is relatively more expensive than other devices, CoolSculpting is known for its short treatment duration.



Clatuu is a cheaper fat freezing treatment as compared to other devices. With only 6 applicators made to target specific body parts, you can opt for a Clatuu treatment if you’re tight on budget.



The middleman in between the two devices mentioned above, the CoolTech device employs advanced freezing technology hailing from Spain and can be skilfully and comfortably placed on any desired area of the body.

With 9 different applicators and a short treatment duration of 60 minutes, up to 4 areas can be treated simultaneously for maximum results.

Which one is suitable for me?

 fat freeze devices


As with self-DIY treatments and medical clinics, it’s always advisable to get the professional opinion of a trained aesthetic doctor or therapist.

Some treatment centres provide brief consultations for you to understand which of the treatments will help you reach your desired goals.

It is also good to do some research on the overview of the fat freezing treatments and devices offered in Singapore before you visit any treatment centre.

The cost of fat freezing treatments should also be in your consideration since you would need a few sessions to see the best results.

Is it okay to buy and use the fat freezing devices online?

 diy fat freezing

While the term “fat freezing” seems simple and to-the-point, the process involves much more than just freezing the fats off. Under the trained eye of a professional, the risks and side effects involved in fat freezing treatments are lessened greatly.

Doing fat freezing treatments on your own, with or without prior experience, is inadvisable. Fat freezing treatments may involve cold temperatures, with some going as cold as -8 degrees Celsius.

While professionals are trained and skilled in placing the cooling paddles or applicators to different parts of your body and ensure that you are kept under a watchful eye, leaving these applicators on the body for long periods of time may cause severe bodily harm.

You may run the risk of frostbite, severe numbness, experience more pain than necessary and permanent tissue damage.

With permanent damage done to your body, further medical treatment may be needed to restore your body’s health.


Illumia Therapeutics’ CoolTech IceSculpt Fat Freeze

The latest of the CoolTech series, Illumia Therapeutic’s CoolTech IceSculpt Fat Freeze comes with 4 simple applicators that are specially designed to perfectly cup around your targeted areas on the body for maximum effect and zero downtime.

Clients will only experience a cooling sensation, a light suction pressure, quick treatment sessions and low side effects so that you can return to work the very next day.

Illumia Therapeutics offers clients efficient and affordable body contouring treatments in Singapore using only modern technology with clinical papers that support their effectiveness. Clients can look forward to their treatment to be:

  • Non-invasive
  • Safe with controlled cooling
  • Able to treat every area of the body
  • Able to target localised fat
  • Able to show results after 1 session

 cooltech before after 1

cooltech before after 2

 Image: Clinical photos of clients after receiving CoolTech IceSculpt Fat Freeze treatments (source).



Is fat freezing safe?

Fat freezing treatments are proven safe, effective and an alternative to liposuction for fat reduction.


How many fat freezing sessions do you need?

The exact number of sessions varies from client to client. In general, 1 to 3 sessions per area is recommended, at 1 month intervals. 

Why is fat freezing ineffective for some people?

Without good nutrition or physical exercise clients may gain weight and fats in previously treated areas.

Is freezing fat cells permanent?

Once the fat cells are destroyed, the chances of those fat cells returning are slim to none.

Think of the fat cells as the “houses” for the fat. Fat freezing destroys the “houses” for the fat, so the fat that resides in “houses” can’t come back.

Why is fat freezing popular?

Fat freezing treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical and have no downtime. Here's a rundown of the pros and cons and why fat freezing treatments are increasingly popular.

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