Fat Freezing Aftercare Guide To Get The Best Results

fat freezing aftercare guide

Most of us have thought about going for a fat reduction treatment or two, but are held back by the thought of having to go under the knife to achieve our desired body goals.

With non-invasive treatments ranking higher in popularity in Singapore, one such treatment you can consider is a fat freezing treatment.

True to its name, a fat freezing treatment, or cryolipolysis, targets your fat cells with just cold temperature.

cryolypolisis diagram
Fat cells have a higher sensitivity to temperatures, hence going through a biological process also known as “cell death”. This means that the surrounding tissue will not be damaged during the treatment.

With up to 25% of fat cells destroyed and gone for good, many have favoured fat freezing treatments over surgeries not just for its effectiveness but also for its minimal downtime.

This article will shed some light on what to expect during fat freezing treatments and how to care for your body after your session.

Different body types

different body types

The most important thing to note is that fat freezing treatments are not meant to help you lose weight.

In fact, the purpose of these treatments is to trim the amount of fats you have in your body, which will make for a better, firmer and toned physique.

For example, CoolSculpting treatments have specific requirements to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate.

While others do not have an online quiz to help you determine your candidacy, aesthetic professionals will be able to provide you with a body fat analysis through a brief consultation to help you figure out your options.

 Once you’ve made the cut, here are some things to note for a smooth fat freezing treatment process, suitable for first-timers or seasoned clients.

Preparing for a Fat Freezing Treatment

1.   Know which areas of the body you want to target.

types of obesity

Depending on the body parts you want to target, you will have 1 or 2 of these applicators placed on the desired areas to start the treatment.

 If you want to treat multiple parts at once, Cooltech or Clatuu are two of the most popular devices used in Singapore that can achieve this.

2. Wear loose, casual clothing.

Some side effects of fat freezing treatments may include slight numbness or redding, or heightened sensitivity, especially on the targeted areas. Loose clothing can help reduce the discomfort you may feel around those areas.

3. Know what to expect during the treatment.

fat freezing applicator

The fat freezing treatment duration varies on the type of device used. The duration may last anytime between 30 minutes to up to 4 hours if there are a number of targeted areas instead of just the one.

After a Fat Freezing Treatment

1. Know that it will take some time before significant results will show.

As a fat-reduction treatment, the goal is to reduce the amount of fat cells in the body and is not a weight-loss solution.

For some, it may take up to 4 months to see full results, depending on the device used, client’s body shape and lifestyle habits.

2. Make yourself comfortable.

Wear comfortable clothes during the days following the treatment - only if you feel any discomfort.

Non-invasive treatments such as the fat freezing treatments should not have any long-term side effects, so if you do experience severe side effects, report them to your aesthetic clinic or doctor immediately.

3. Keep an active lifestyle.

Fat freezing treatments will work even better when you complement them with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Although fat cells do not return after being freezed off, you can still gain fats on other parts of the body that were not previously treated.

Illumia Therapeutics’ Cooltech IceSculpt Fat Freeze

One such fat freezing treatment offered in Singapore is Illumia Therapeutics’ Cooltech IceSculpt Fat Freeze treatment, with an all-round 350 degree freezing technology from Spain that delivers results and eliminates fat cells with minimal downtime and is pain-free.

Clients of the Cooltech IceSculpt Fat Freeze treatment has mentioned it to be:


  • Non-invasive
  • Safe with controlled cooling
  • Able to treat every area of the body
  • Able to target localised fat
  • Able to show results after 1 session

cooltech before after 1

cooltech before after 2

Image: Clinical photos of clients after receiving Cooltech IceSculpt Fat Freeze treatments (source).



Is fat freezing safe?

 Fat freezing treatments are proven safe, effective and an alternative to liposuction for fat reduction.


How many fat freezing sessions do you need?

 The exact number of sessions varies from client to client. In general, 1 to 3 sessions per area is recommended, at 1 month intervals.


Why is fat freezing ineffective for some people?

 Without good nutrition or physical exercise clients may gain weight and fats in previously treated areas.


Is freezing fat cells permanent?

 Once the fat cells are destroyed, the chances of those fat cells returning are slim to none.


Why is fat freezing popular?

Fat freezing treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical and have no downtime. Here's a rundown of the pros and cons and why fat freezing treatments are increasingly popular.


Can you do fat freezing at home?

Although the treatment seems to be straightforward, fat freezing treatments are more than simply applying cold temperatures to targeted areas of the body.

Without careful planning and the trained eye of a specialist, doing home fat freezing treatments  can bring you more bodily harm, including permanent tissue damage.


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