Give Your Skin The TLC It Deserves


Shhhh… can you hear that? It’s the sound of your skin telling you it needs some TLC. Whether you have a minimalist skincare routine or treat your skin to an extensive 10-step regimen daily, there are just some days when your skin needs that extra something that goes beyond your regular skincare routines.

Your clues will be rough texture (not to be confused with texture from breakouts), dullness, exaggerated pores, dehydration and flaky skin. When your skin sends you these cues, it’s time to book yourself a pampering facial. At illumia Therapeutics we’ve got just what you need: the 3-Step Signature Facial. More than just a facial, it uses advanced technology to help reset your skin and restore your glow.

Your me-time indulgence will start with Clear and Brite that uses ultrasonic cleansing to gently, effectively and painlessly lift dirt, debris, dead skin leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

This is followed with the Triple Gold Ultrasound Lifting that helps to brighten, firm and soothe skin while also softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment can be customised to your needs by choosing from a variety of modes including Lifting, Hydration, Dermatology (works on acne, acne scars, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis) and Healing and Recovery that is best for skin that has just had an aesthetic procedure, laser, injury and excessive sun exposure.

Unlike regular ultrasound facials, the Triple Gold Ultrasound Lifting delivers powerful micro-massages to the upper and deeper layers of the skin thanks to a combination of three ultrasonic waves at different frequencies. The micro-massages increase the skin’s moisture content, which results in a healthy skin metabolism. Ultrasonic waves also boost the production of proteins that help strengthen skin immunity, improving skin barrier health. So not only is your skin hydrated and glowing, it’s also healthier and stronger.

The pampering sesh ends with the illumia Needleless PDRN Healer to improve firmness and elasticity, skin texture and signs of ageing. During the treatment salmon PDRN is infused into the skin via SkinElectroporation™ (S.E.P.) technology. Salmon PDRN, which is salmon DNA, is rich in skin nourishing nutrients like polypeptides, amino acids and vitamins which gives it the ability to encourage cell growth and tissue repair. It is also biocompatible with humans and completely safe in the long run.

S.E.P technology is used to deliver PDRN because it is clinically proven to improve absorption by up to 17 times compared to other topical methods of application. It works by creating tiny disruptions in the cell membrane with the help of gentle electrical pulses. This helps effectively deliver the nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin without disrupting the skin barrier, which means there is no risk of infection. The electrical pulses feel like gentle pokes and generally do not cause any pain.

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