Your Guide to Non Surgical Body Sculpting in Singapore

These procedures focus on carefully toning the problematic contours of the body, such as belly bulges or arm fat (bingo wings), while also reducing the circumference where desired. Ideal candidates for non-surgical body sculpting treatments are those who live a sedentary lifestyle, have a slow metabolic rate and find it difficult to get rid of the accumulated belly and thigh tissue. Before you book yourself an appointment, however, learn all you need to know about non-surgical body sculpting procedures in Singapore to find the most suitable one for you.

What are non-surgical body sculpting treatments?

remove fat body contouringNon-surgical body sculpting or non-invasive body contouring procedures are also referred to as "fat reduction treatments", and their primary goal is to eliminate or reduce the stubborn fat deposits in specific areas. This help to effectively shape the body in the process, resulting in a slimmer and more toned physique.

These body sculpting treatments can adapt to the client’s unique needs, primarily focusing on the abdomen, thighs, back and bra areas, arms, and double chin. This list is not exhaustive, but a simple assessment may be required to determine the best areas to be targeted.

It is also worth mentioning that body sculpting treatments are not meant to help with overall weight loss or weight management. On a larger scale, general fitness and toning can only be achieved by having adequate nutrition and sufficient physical activity in your lifestyle.

Cosmetic procedures, even non-invasive ones, can help by addressing specific areas or concerns, which is not possible through physical fitness routines alone.

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments in Singapore

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to choosing a non-surgical body sculpting treatment in Singapore. Although the general goal is the same, different procedures are better suited for different goals or conditions.

Thus, making the right choice is very important to ensure that you feel satisfied and happy with your outcome. Here are the three most popular and highly sought-after non-surgical body contouring treatments available in Singapore.

Fat freezing

fat freezing body treatment

Fat freezing, otherwise known as cryolipolysis, eliminates the fat cells using low temperatures. With FDA-approved devices, controlled cold temperature is directed onto the targeted areas of the body and destroys the underlying fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissues and functions. The dead cells are then removed from the body through the lymphatic system and do not return to the affected areas, resulting in permanent fat loss.

RF body sculpting

radiofrequency body treatmentRadiofrequency-based treatments operate by emitting thermal heat, which goes deep into the skin to react with the fatty skin cells. RF (radiofrequency) treatments also provide added benefits to the skin by stimulating the natural collagen production. The added collagen makes the skin firmer, smoother and increases its laxity, effectively impacting the existent wrinkles in the treatment area.

HIFU body sculpting

ultrasound body treatmentBy emitting deep, high frequency ultrasound (HIFU) energy, the fat cells are permanently eradicated from affected areas in the body. The advantage of ultrasound therapy, or HIFU body sculpting, is that it is efficient even in the deeper areas of the skin. The destroyed fat cells are then sorted out of the body through the lymphatic system, as with fat freezing.

The beauty of non-surgical body contouring treatments is that not only are these procedures performed without invasive methods, but there is also minimal risk and side effects following the procedures.

However, non-invasive body sculpting treatments can only target superficial fat under the skin. To reduce visceral fat, or the fat outlining your organs, doctors recommend adopting a workout regime or adjusting your diet to successfully meet your goals.

Do body sculpting treatments work?

Body contouring treatments have been clinically proven and reliable in achieving specific body goals, but these procedures only serve to supplement your existing body shaping routine. Clients are indeed recommended to adopt a proper routine in terms of weight management and maintenance, usually through physical activity and good dietary habits.

A lack of exercise, poor diet, or an overindulgence in junk food could ultimately lead to the fatty pocket’s return. This phenomenon often times happens with traditional, invasive body sculpting treatments (such as liposuction) as well, thus it is recommended to discuss in-depth with your therapist or aesthetic doctor about maintaining your results.

effective body sculpting

How much do body sculpting treatments in Singapore cost?

The costs of body sculpting or contouring treatments depend on a variety of factors, most notably by the device used in the process and the facility of choice.

These treatments are usually performed in medispas or aesthetic clinics. It is advisable to search for qualified clinics with good track records to achieve the best results. With the right clinic, patients can ensure that they get the best care following the treatment, while minimizing the risk for complications at the same time.

Achieving your body goals can be challenging when certain areas of the body simply refuse to let go of the stored fat reserves, but these issues are easily resolved with effective non-surgical body sculpting treatments. Start working towards your desired body goals by scheduling a simple assessment with our therapists to learn more about your potential body contouring treatment options today.


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