Men's Facial for Oily & Combination Skin — What to Expect


Even though facials have been largely associated with women’s beauty, as the gender-based stereotypes are losing ground, more and more men are benefitting greatly from monthly men’s facial treatments. Besides clearing the clogged pores and removing dead cells, men facial spas are also credited with improving blood circulation and reducing the everyday stress, making for a relaxing, cleansing experience.

What do facial treatments do?

Every day, more men turn to monthly facial treatments as these become essential to maintaining a healthy, radiant look without having to go through complicated skincare routines at home.

facial treatment for menEach treatment is tailored to adequately suit your skin type and necessities, giving a personalized feel to the experience. The most common skin type in Singapore are the oily and combination types.

While these skin types do have its natural benefits, such as added sunlight protection, additional maintenance is also required in order to keep the skin healthy and good-looking.

When addressing the specific needs of the oily and combination skin types, facials are highly effective in regulating the sebum levels, as well as for replenishing the moisture for the ultra-hydrated look.

facial benefits for menEven more so, facials will clear the easily clogged pores, while the exfoliating scrubs help to eliminate the dead skin cells that are so easily trapped inside the pores.

How do I know if I have oily or combination skin type?

The main skin types are: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive, with each of these having its specific characteristics and needs. Knowing your skin type will help you find the proper skincare treatment to keep your face clean and healthy – and a proper skincare routine goes beyond just regular face washing.

The health of your skin can be supported with a variety of skincare products and men’s facial treatments. Using the right ones that address your skin’s needs can go a long way in rebuilding your skin’s barrier functions, keep it moisturized, and more.

Combination skin refers to having both dry and oily skin, varying in certain areas of the face. With combination skin, usually the oily section will be in the T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin areas), while the rest of the face, specifically the cheeks, will have either dry or normal skin.

oily combination skin in menOily skin is characterized by an excess in sebum, causing a shiny, greasy appearance and feeling. The increased likelihood of acne breakouts is also commonly associated with oily skin, but this is not necessarily a universal trait.

If you are experiencing shiny skin on your forehead and nose bridge, and dry cheeks characterized by rough flakiness, decreased elasticity or the occasional irritation, you could have a combination skin type.

Men's Facial Treatments for Oily & Combination Skin

Illumia Therapeutics offers special facials that are best suited for men with oily or combination skin. These facial treatments are designed to take care of the necessities of oily and combination skin. They do this by addressing their specific needs in terms of sebum regulation, moisture and pore unclogging.

Oxygen Perfector Facial

oxygen facial for menThe Oxygen Perfector Facial is Illumia Therapeutics’ top anti-shine facial for people with oily skin and a favorite amongst celebrities. Using advanced oxygen-pulsing and airbrushing techniques, a mixture of pressurized oxygen and essential vitamins are delivered deep inside the skin, effectively granting a youthful, lush glow.

HydraClear Facial

hydraclear facial for menThe Hydra Clear Facial is a complete skincare treatment, providing impressive results even after just one session. Hydra Clear rejuvenates the skin through exfoliation, cleansing and re-hydration, using modern equipment to clear out any impurities, making the skin brighter, healthier and younger-looking.

Lux LED Facial

light therapy LED facialIllumia’s Lux LED Facial on the other hand is a complex healing treatment, using clinically proven LED light energy to stimulate the skin cells to heal, rejuvenate and cleanse. Besides its attributes in smoothening acne scars, the Lux LED Facial treatment reduces the inflammation caused by oily skin, while healing it in the process.

All of these treatments are performed in a professional environment, with trained dermal therapists looking after your skin. The skincare facility of choice, as you can see, plays an essential role in ensuring that you receive the proper care.


Facials are not meant to fix all issues in one single treatment, but it can address the specific needs of your skin with the help of a trained therapist or skin expert. As oily and combination skin types are especially sensitive to certain conditions like acne outbursts, an early assessment and prompt treatment becomes even more important to rectify these issues head-on.

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