Men's Facial for Dry & Sensitive Skin — What to Expect


Roughly 25% of men in Singapore have either dry or sensitive skin, both of which requires extensive men skincare practices to keep it in good health. This statistic accurately explains why the demand for men’s facial treatments saw an increase in the last couple of years, as men with dry, sensitive skin are actively looking for solutions to maintain good-looking, healthy skin.

Developing good skincare habits for men

With more men open to seeking proper facial treatments to manage a variety of skin concerns, one of the most addressed issues originate from dry skin, which if left unattended, can lead to worse skin conditions.

A common tactic to combat dry, itchy or sensitive skin is to first address the skin’s pH levels and reinforce its natural moisture barrier. This can be accomplished through dedicated skincare routines for men.

good skincare habits for menAlso, as the COVID-19 pandemic has created a legal framework for the mandatory wear of face masks, it is more important than ever to develop good skincare habits. This can keep skin irritation and related conditions at bay, thus enhancing your confidence at work or play.

Most skincare products and treatments, including men’s facial treatments, are specially designed to meet your skin’s expectations and needs based on your skin type. Accurately identifying your needs is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing the adequate products and treatments, as the specific needs of your skin are largely determined by your actual skin type.

How do I know if I have dry or sensitive skin type?

how to identify dry sensitive skinDry skin can be identified through its dull complexion and/or rough texture, decreased elasticity and a proneness to irritation and itchiness. It is also more vulnerable to cracking and inflammation, as the natural moisture barrier is very thin and is unable to provide the skin ample protection against external stressors.

The sensitive skin type is easily recognizable by its vulnerability to redness, itching, acne, or temporary sensations of dryness. Oftentimes these symptoms have specific triggers, such as scratching or certain ingredients, which are best to be identified early and avoided.

Caring for sensitive skin may seem quite the task, but with proper maintenance and expert skincare advice, you can enjoy flawless, radiant skin for months or years to come.

Men's Facial Treatments for Dry & Sensitive Skin

Facial treatments use specialized techniques to achieve specific skin goals. If you are suffering from dry skin that cracks under the Sun, an adequate amount of hydration and moisture is included in your facial. For the oily and problematic skin types, rebalancing your skin’s oil production is key.

Men’s facial treatments, especially for dry or sensitive skin, focus on brightening the dull and tired-looking skin, and rejuvenating the dry surface. Some of the best men’s facials Singapore has to offer also provide a lifting and firming effect, leading to a more youthful, energetic look.

Oxygen Perfector Facial

oxygen facial for menIllumia’s Oxygen Perfector Facial is a revolutionary method for replenishing moisture, as the treatment delivers a potent combination of hyaluronic acid (HA) or other skin boosters to revive the skin’s health, making it a favourite amongst celebrities.

The painless, needle-free treatment requires no downtime, with the benefits of having a natural, subtle glow surfacing immediately after treatment. It is also recommended to have the facial monthly to treat dry and sensitive skin.

Triple Gold Ultrasound Lifting®

ultrasound facial for menThe Triple Gold Ultrasound Lifting® treatment redefines the possibilities in using ultrasound energy in the world of skincare. This technology is used to treat both aesthetic and dermatological conditions, as the potency of the combined ultrasound waves has proven itself effective in a multitude of situations.

Most notably, this signature facial treatment is known for its anti-ageing benefits, having a powerful impact on reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Perhaps the most revolutionary trait of the Triple Gold Ultrasound Lifting treatment is the unmatched ability to build and enhance the skin’s natural immunity. Clients can expect their skin to improve progressively over time, even after the first few sessions.

Miracle S.E.P. Facial

miracle sep facialThe Miracle S.E.P. Facial is another signature treatment from Illumia, focusing on overall rejuvenation through a pampering, spa-like experience, delivering exceptional results for dry and sensitive skin.

This clinically proven treatment delivers active ingredients responsible for rejuvenating the skin through SkinElectroporation™ (S.E.P.) technology, which can target the skin’s water-based channels to improve the absorption of the active substances.

It is also needle-free and non-invasive, thus requiring no downtime in the process. Following this facial, clients experience brighter, beautiful skin, with the long-term benefits of cell regeneration over repeat sessions.

Choosing the right facial

men dry sensitive skin issuesSkin experts are well-trained and equipped with the right knowledge about specific skin types and identifying your needs. Where certain facials may address one type of skin concern, for sensitive skin types, it may result in adverse reactions.

Additionally, if your condition does not improve after a series of treatments with regular facials, a consultation with an aesthetic doctor is advised. With years of experience, Illumia’s team of board-certified aesthetic doctors can customize a suitable treatment plan that helps you achieve your aesthetic goals.

In some cases, individuals may require more advanced care, as some skin types might not be as responsive to the regular facial treatments.

Schedule a consultation today and get the best care from our trained professionals, so you, too, can attain beautiful skin with as minimal effort as possible.


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