Say Goodbye To Common Postpartum Concerns With These Treatments

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Growing a tiny human being is nothing short of a miracle and it pushes a woman’s body to the extreme, often changing it in the process. But the loose skin from where your body grew to make space for bub, the stretch marks from the extra weight, still looking slightly pregnant postpartum from diastasis recti, vaginal dryness and even urinary incontinence all feel worth it when you spend time with bub.

While some women turn to diet and exercise to remedy some of the above postpartum concerns, others may opt for aesthetic treatments, and still others may simply choose to embrace their new bodies. There is no right or wrong when it comes to finding a way to look and feel your best, only what feels right for you.

At illumia Therapeutics we have a host of treatments that can help new mums tackle these common postpartum concerns. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Postpartum concern: Stubborn fat
The solution: Z Lipo 360

stubborn fats

This “fat freezing” treatment works on the premise that extremely low temperatures can kill fat cells thus reducing the layer of fat right beneath the skin without causing damage to the surrounding skin. With applicators that come in multiple sizes this treatment is ideal for areas like the lower abdomen, hips, back of arms or other pockets of stubborn fat that refuse to move no matter how many hours you spend at the gym or how many calories you cut.

The first step in your session is painless vacuum suctioning of the area after which the targeted fat deposits are slowly and safely cooled to the desired temperature to destroy the fat cells. Cooling sheets are placed on the area to protect the skin from any damage. The destroyed fat cells are eliminated from the body via the natural lymphatic system thus reducing the layer of fat under the skin. Busy mums will appreciate that each session is approximately 30 minutes only and allows you to target up to two areas at a time.

Take your first step to blasting stubborn fat with this 1-for-1 Z Lipo 360 voucher.


Postpartum concern: Diastasis Recti
The solution: illumiaSculpt

diastasis recti

illumiaSculpt is like an intense workout programme, but better. The treatment course works to build, tone and contour muscles while also destroying subcutaneous fat cells. illumiaSculpt uses High Intensity Focussed Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to pass induced electric currents through neuromuscular tissues at different frequencies to stimulate extremely powerful muscle contractions. These contractions are more powerful than anything you might be able to achieve even with the most rigorous workouts.
The muscles respond to these intense contractions by remodelling the inner structure to increase muscle density and volume to help heal diastasis recti. The intense muscle contractions also enhance the release of a hormone that triggers lipolysis in fat cells to increase definition of the abdominal muscles. The overall result is a slimmer, flatter abdominal area.


Postpartum concern: Cellulite and fat deposits
The solution: ONDA Micro Coolwaves

celluliteUsing electromagnetic waves at a very specific level this non-invasive treatment is able to dissolve fat, target cellulite and tighten loose skin simultaneously for an overall toning effect. During your session, Onda Micro Coolwaves are effectively delivered specifically to the layer of fat that sits under the skin, heating it to destroy fat cells. Meanwhile the upper layers of skin are kept cool and comfortable thanks to dispersal of energy through radiofrequency waves as well as an in-built cooling system in the handpiece.

While the fat cells are being destroyed at the adipose tissue, and will eventually be flushed out of the body via lymphatic system, the treatment simultaneously stimulates the connective tissue as well as collagen production to better support the skin. This helps smooth the appearance of “orange peel” while improving skin laxity, resulting in an overall shapely and toned appearance. Each session only lasts approximately 10 minutes and multiple areas can be treated at each session.

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Postpartum concern: Urinary incontinence
The solution: Tesla Care & Fiore Care

urinary incontinence

These two non-surgical, non-invasive, relatively pain-free treatments help with strengthening and tightening the bladder and pelvic muscles to help correct this problem.

Tesla Care uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology to trigger contractions in the muscle much like when you do a high intensity workout. This results in a deep stimulation of muscular structures, and lifting, toning and strengthening of the muscles of the pelvic floor as well as those in the abdomen and glutes. A 30-minute session will result in more than 50,000 contractions and a 20-minutes session is equivalent to 20,000 Kegel exercises to enhance the urinary system and overall vaginal health post partum to help tackle urinary incontinence.    

Fiore Care on the other hand uses a sleek multi-electrode ring design that combines Multi-polar Radio Frequency (RF) with Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The unique multi-electrode ring design ensures the combined energy is uniformly dispersed throughout the vaginal canal for fast, consistent results minus any discomfort. You can expect a tightening of the vaginal area, lesser dryness as well as overall vaginal rejuvenation, which also helps control incontinence.

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