Is your skincare routine in the right order?


Skincare can seem like a complex science. With the wide range of skin products available, it can be hard to know where we should slot them into our skincare routine order.

Did you know that your skincare routine steps are just as important as the products themselves?  Our skin acts as a barrier to all the things we want to keep out - germs, UV rays, the cold, and more. So when there are certain substances we want to actually get into our skin, we need to be clever with our morning and night routine to allow them to be absorbed as much as possible. 

morning and night skincare routineNo matter how much time you have spent researching on your skincare products or the amount you spend, they are rendered ineffective if you are not layering them correctly. So, how can we maximise the results of our favourite Stem Cell Serum or Hyarum Skin Booster with our morning and night routines?

Getting the correct order of your skincare

skincare product penetration typeGetting skincare into the skin is harder than it seems, that’s because different products have different product penetrations. The penetration of your products depends on their molecule size.

Smaller molecules can penetrate the epidermis of the skin more deeply, something that is crucial for treating lines, wrinkles, dehydration and other deep-rooted skin issues. However, for surface level requirements such as exfoliation for the top layer of the skin, a product with larger molecules will work just fine!

It is important to think bottom-up when it comes to your skincare routine order. Here’s how you can best apply your skincare products in the right order to get the best results.

Can I use the same order for my morning and nighttime skincare routines?

skincare right orderYou can simply use the same skincare steps for both, but there is a slight difference in your skin’s needs. Throughout the day, it is exposed to several harmful factors, from pollution and makeup to UV rays. Your morning skincare routine should protect your skin from these nuisances and your evening routine should be all about soothing and repairing your skin while you sleep.

The regeneration process of your skin is also up to three times faster at night than it is in the daytime, allowing it to absorb topical treatments better. It’s the perfect time to use those powerful skin-boosting ingredients.

Your morning routine should look like this:

morning skincare routine

  1. Cleanse – Cleanse first thing in the morning to get rid of bacteria and excess sebum that builds up on your face in the night.

  2. Toner – Toners are fantastic for restoring the pH balance of your skin after cleansing. They are also great for delivering ingredients to the skin such as antioxidants and toning acids.

  3. Serum or skin booster – An essential part of your morning skincare routine, before you leave for the day to face the world. Serums and skin boosters differ on the premise that the ingredients are of varying concentrations, with serums containing the richer quality. Our Rejuve Serum is perfect to reduce the skin dullness, loss of elasticity, pigmentation and more.

    In place of the serum, of course, you can apply the Hyarum Skin Booster to nourish your skin with all its goodness.

  4. Eye cream – Eye creams have traditionally been seen as the last step in your skincare routine, but they should actually be applied before your heavier moisturisers and sunscreens as these other skincare products can become a barrier in their absorption.

  5. Acne spot treatment – Similar to eye cream, topical spot treatments for acne should be applied pre-moisturiser so they can penetrate the skin and deliver their zit fighting ingredients.

  6. Moisturiser – Using your moisturiser of choice as one of the last steps in your routine locks in all the goodness from your serums, toner and other products.

  7. Sunscreen – We don’t have to tell you that come rain or shine, sunscreen should always be the last step in your morning skincare routine.

Your evening routine, on the other hand, can look like this:

nighttime skincare routine

  1. Double cleanse – This is important, especially if you are wearing makeup. Use your first cleanse to remove your makeup, oil, dirt, and grime that has built up over the day. Then use your second cleanse to thoroughly clean your skin.

  2. Toner, essences or boosters – Apply your toner as you would in the morning. If you are using a booster to deliver active ingredients, this should ideally come after your toner.

  3. Eye cream

  4. Treatments, serums and peels – These are most effective at night whilst your skin is in repair mode, but try not to use too many at once or you will risk overloading your skin. It's best to avoid using things like chemical exfoliants and retinol on the same night as they are both harsh and may irritate.

  5. Moisturiser or night cream – It is generally advised to use a thicker moisturiser or night cream in the evening. This is because your skin can absorb it over several hours while you sleep. It also locks water into the skin maintaining hydration – the key to healthy and radiant-looking skin.

facial mask skincare routineAnd what about our favourite pampering pleasure – facial sheet masks? We like to use our favourite (Baby Drops sheet mask from Illumia Therapeutics) after toning to allow all the skin-enhancing ingredients, including the stem cell cultures, to penetrate the skin.

When it comes to skincare, you don’t need to have a 14-step process to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin. A simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine can be sufficient for your skin type, as long as you are applying your products in the right order to ensure you are getting the full benefits.


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