The Ideal High Tech Facials For Every Skin Type

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At illumia Therapeutics, we understand that skincare is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we have a variety of safe and effective high tech facial treatments that can be used to target various skin concerns faced by people with different skin types. We shine the spotlight on some of these facial treatments and the skin types that will benefit the most from them.

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Customised Jet Infusion Facial 

Best for: Dry skin

Dry skin can often feel tight, look dull and have a rough texture thanks to naturally minimal oil production by the skin. This also means it needs a lot of hydration. The Customised Jet Infusion Facial addresses all these concerns.

Before the facial treatment begins, the therapist will assess your skin and customise a serum blend best suited to your skin type. The treatment then begins with a thorough cleanse to lift away dead skin cells. With dead skin out of the way, skin looks brighter, and the serum is better absorbed. After cleansing, the customised serum blend is infused into the skin with a medical grade jet device that uses high-pressure oxygen to help improve the penetration of the serum. Skin is instantly plumped, feels soft and comfortable, and looks dewy. Some people have even noticed fine lines and wrinkles look smoother. You can resume your daily activities immediately after since this facial treatment doesn’t use any photosensitising ingredients.


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Hydra-Detox Balancing Facial

Best for: Oily/Acne-prone skin

If your skin looks shiny most of the time with enlarged pores (caused by excess oil production) and is prone to breakouts, this facial will help balance the skin and reduce the chances of further breakouts.

It starts with gentle exfoliation using a solution of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that sloughs away the top layer of dead skin. Next, the pores are thoroughly cleansed using powerful suction along with a solution containing beta hydroxy acid (BHA). The small size of the BHA molecules along with the suction allow for a deep cleanse that removes sebum, dirt and debris from within the pores without irritating the skin. Finally, because oily skin needs moisture and hydration too, a skin-nourishing serum is delivered with a rotating tip to ensure it is better absorbed into the skin. Immediately after, skin feels balanced, healthy and hydrated.


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Photo-Rejuvenation Facial 

Best for: Sensitive skin

Skin that is often irritated, itchy and red requires a facial treatment that will help soothe it while also strengthening the skin barrier. The intense pulsed light (IPL) in this facial helps to do just that.

During the facial, IPL is emitted into the skin at different wavelengths to address different skin concerns ranging from redness and irritation to acne. This light energy activates the skin’s natural healing process that helps reduce redness and irritation. It also helps stimulate collagen production, so skin looks plump and healthy. Pores are also more refined and any lines or wrinkles look less pronounced. Before the treatment starts, the skin is slathered with a cooling gel to minimise any discomfort from what feels like many tiny rubber bands snapping on the skin as the IPL beam is emitted. The treatment is quick—just 20 minutes—and results immediate, but it’s recommended to stay out of direct sunlight and avoid any tanning sessions post treatment.

Combi skinTriple Gold Ultrasound Lifting Facial

Best for: Combination skin

If your skin can’t decide what type it wants to be and is shiny in some places, dry and flaky in others, it’s best to treat it to a facial treatment that will improve overall hydration, skin health and resilience.

The Triple Gold Ultrasound Lifting Facial is not your usual ultrasound facial. It combines three ultrasonic waves at different frequencies to deliver powerful micro-massages that target the superficial as well as the deeper layers of skin. These ultrasonic waves also boost the production of proteins that help strengthen skin immunity, improving skin barrier health. The treatment also helps increase another protein that helps maintain moisture levels in the skin, thus helping balance out combination skin.

The treatment has different modes you can choose from depending on your skin concerns, but those with combination skin will benefit from the Hydration mode that helps boost overall skin hydration and the Healing & Recovery mode that helps soothe skin and improve its natural barrier.

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