Ultimate guide to pigmentation in Singapore – Treatments, Price, Review


Those dark spots on your skin could be a common form of skin pigmentation, which could result in an uneven skin complexion or discolouration. Some of the most common types of pigmentation in Singapore can include acne scars, melasma, age spots, or freckles.

You are not alone - pigmentation affects many working men and women. Our self-confidence is naturally boosted with clearer skin, hence we have put together this guide to share the treatments that can help to target pigmentation.

How is pigmentation formed?

Pigmentation refers to the colour of the skin, hair and eyes given by the pigment known as melanin. Depending on your genes, the type of melanin produced varies in shades.

shades of melanin skin tonesThe different shades in melanin is also determined by several other factors, including sun exposure, age and hormonal imbalances.

Pigmentation is formed when one or two of these factors come into play. Most of the common types of pigmentation may be indications of an underlying skin condition. However, if you feel as though something is amiss, you should consult your doctor or a dermatologist just to be sure.

The most common types of pigmentation are:

Acne scars

The skin is capable of healing itself after an acne breakout, however, it is during this healing process that acne scars can develop. If acne does not heal properly, it can result in permanent acne scars.

icepick acne scarsAcne scars such as boxcar scars or rolling scars can develop as a result of picking at cystic or nodular acne, which are types of inflammatory acne. Teen or hormonal acne can also result in acne scars, although the probability of scarring is low.


Melasma is another common type of pigmentation that usually occurs to people who spend a lot of time outdoors and in the sun. These spots can be found anywhere on the face or the upper half of the body. Usually on the bridge of noses, cheeks, neck or the shoulders, melasma appears to be harmless brown- or grey-coloured spots.

melasma signsMore studies are needed to fully understand why and how melasma is formed, but as of now, common causes of melasma include being exposed to the sun for too long, hormonal imbalance such as taking birth control pills, or a form of allergic reaction to some skincare products.

Age spots

One of the most common types of pigmentation in Singapore, age spots are also known as liver spots or sun spots. Affecting mostly elderly people, these spots are formed by prolonged exposure in the sun, and like freckles, are brown and flat in shape and are of varying sizes.

They can often be mistaken for cancerous growths. If you find that you have age spots that are black or have unusual discolouration, are larger than normal or even bleeding, seek help immediately. These may be signs that indicate the age spots that have formed to become melanoma, which is a serious type of skin cancer.

age spots and frecklesFreckles

In sunny Singapore, not many are born with freckles. Mostly common in red-haired people, frankly, freckles are not permanent - depending on how you care for your skin. They may form into age spots or liver spots as you age, and these can turn darker and more permanent when you get older.

Types of pigmentation treatments in Singapore

With the advancements in skin science, there are ways you can treat your pigmentation, no matter to what extent or degree they are.

Home remedies

Mostly recommended for the milder cases of pigmentation, some do-it-yourself home remedies can be helpful in lightening the skin, thus reducing the appearance of pigmentation.

Research shows that products like apple cider vinegar can help in lightening the dark spots, as it contains acetic acid, which acts as a mild chemical peel.

apple cider vinegar skin lighteningOff-the-shelf treatments

When looking for skincare products to help even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of pigmentation, look for ingredients like Vitamins C or E. These vitamins are also known antioxidants, which helps in rejuvenating your skin and protects it against free radicals.

Non-invasive skin treatments

If you do not want to run the risk of having close-to-permanent scarring or are irked by the thought of undergoing painful treatments, you may want to opt for non-invasive ones.

With the option of having it done as a simple outpatient treatment, some non-invasive methods include light therapies which can be done without causing further damage to the skin.

led light therapy pigmentation treatmentAlso called laser therapies, these effectively target your skin cells to activate and boost collagen production, hence reducing the darkened spots and improving skin texture as well. Laser therapies such as Illumia Therapeutic’s Lux LED Facial have also been proven to lighten the effects of melasma.

In addition, Illumia’s novel FDA-approved SkinElectroporation® technology used in the Miracle S.E.P. Facial is also suitable for wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation and even for those who have previously undergone laser treatments.

It is gentle on the skin, involves no needles, and provides the ultimate skin rejuvenation for the much-needed revitalization that your skin needs.

sep facial before after resultsOther non-invasive skin treatments for various skin concerns include:

Treatment SmartXide2 Fractional CO2 Laser Forever Clear™ Acne Program MD Secret RF
Indications Wound scars, acne scars, pigmented lesions, sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and vascular lesions Active acne, recurring acne, blemishes, pigmentation, and various types of acne scars Melasma, wound scars, acne scars, pigmented lesions, sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and vascular lesions
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Anti-ageing
  • Overall skin rejuvenation
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Highly customizable to fit your unique needs
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Anti-ageing
  • Skin brightening
  • Overall skin rejuvenation
Results Improved fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and textural irregularities. Permanent removal of acne and acne scars.  Improved fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and textural irregularities.

How much do pigmentation treatments cost?

Not all pigmentation treatments in Singapore may be suitable for you, and they may also depend on the treatment type, effectiveness and cost.

dermatologist aesthetic doctor skin problemsIt is also highly dependent on your skin concerns. Your aesthetic doctor may recommend 2 or more types of treatments that can help to address multiple skin issues, as in Illumia Medical’s Forever Clear™ Acne Program. The program is tailored to your skin’s needs, and may include a laser therapy to tackle active acne, as well as a facial treatment to calm the skin afterwards.

As expected, due to the flexibility and customizability of pigmentation treatments catered to different skin needs, the cost also varies. For example, the price for a fractional CO2 laser treatment can go upwards of $450 per session.

What about chemical peels?

Some cases of pigmentation may require more harsher treatments such as chemical peels. Just like in its name, chemical peels use chemical substances to remove the damaged skin cells, bringing the newer, healthier skin cells to the surface.

chemical peel for pigmentationChemical peels can be done at varying degrees (light, medium or deep) and has to be done by a medical professional or dermatologist. Some side effects may include possible scarring, lightening or darkening of the skin colour.

The most important thing to note when looking for pigmentation treatments is to always get a medical professional to diagnose your condition; only then can you get the right treatment that is suitable for your skin type.

Why choose Illumia Therapeutics?

As with all skin conditions, it is important to know the cause of your problem or have an aesthetic doctor or a dermatologist analyze your condition, and explain your options to you.

Illumia Therapeutics work closely with the dream team of aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons at Illumia Medical, who are committed to providing safe and effective techniques for all types of skin issues with minimal effort and at affordable prices. Our aesthetic doctors have a combined experience of over 20 years in aesthetic medicine and dermatology, and are trained to provide their professional recommendations to help you achieve better, healthier skin.

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