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What is Cooltech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freeze?

The Cooltech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freeze is a full body contouring treatment that targets multiple body areas using advanced controlled cooling technology. It is able to achieve permanent fat loss and spot target at virtually all areas of the body.

From $350/session


A great way to permanently remove
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How does Cooltech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freeze work?

Fat freezing literally freezes fat to the point at which fat cells die. To achieve this goal, Cooletch has 9 applicators designed to adapt to all body parts. It rapidly shock freezes using 360 technology to a temperature of up to -8degrees, to eliminate adipose cells.


cooltech icesculpt fat freeze how it works


The science behind the procedure is based  on the vulnerability of fat cells (adipocytes) to temperature changes. At freezing point, adipose tissue is proven to commit cell death (apoptosis of adipocytes). When this occurs, subcutaneous fat is reduced and the body at the selected body parts while safely leaving the surrounding body areas unaffected.


Traditional Fat Freezing vs Cooltech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freezing

4 Simultaneous Applicators

The Cooltech 360 IceSculpt is the latest fat freeze in the slimming market and is advantageous in many ways. 1st generation fat freezes came with one applicator and slowly upgraded to two applicators – the Cooltech 360 IceSculpt has not just 1 or 2 but 4 applicators, making it highly efficient and superior to traditional fat freezing devices.


Full body contouring at its very best


IceSculpt Cooling Technology

Hailing from Spain, Cooltech 360 uses the latest 360 degree all-round freezing technology to give COMPLETE 360 degree cooling of the treated area. The adaptor handpieces have light suction abilities to ensure that the applicators adhere well to the treated areas and cooling is consistent and controlled.

9 Different Handpieces

With 9 different handpieces, the Cooltech 360 IceSculpt caters for every part of the body. Compared to traditional fat freeze devices that typically use handpieces that only suit large and flat body parts, the Cooltech 360 IceSculpt has virtually no part that is hard to reach.

For even greater efficacy, handpieces come in different shapes, sizes and contours, some specially curved just to fit areas such as fat pockets below the armpits, love handles and inner thighs.

cooltech icesculpt fat freeze double handpiece
cooltech icesculpt fat freeze straight handpiece
cooltech icesculpt fat freeze curved handpiece
cooltech icesculpt fat freeze oval handpiece
cooltech icesculpt fat freeze tight handpiece
cooltech icesculpt fat freeze tiny handpiece

9 Different Handpieces

cooltech icesculpt fat freeze treatment zones


Neck Armpit Fold  Upper abdomen
Mid abdomen Lower abdomen Hips
Inner thighs Keens Subscapular
Arms Flanks Under buttocks


Key Benefits

  • Non-invasive
  • Visible results in 1 session
  • Safe controlled cooling
  • Treats every area of the body
  • Targest localised fat
  • No down-time

Doctor Testimonials

Cooltech is by far my favourite method for reducing fat, because its techniques are highly customisable and it has different applicators for each area, that way being able to obtain truly miraculous results. My clients and I are truly delighted with this piece of equipment.”

Dr. Lohia (North American dermatologist specialized in treating celebrities)

Cooltech is the perfect method for reducing localised and general fat in patients who do not wish to undergo surgical procedures. Its variety of applicators mean that all kinds of patients can be treated, always with incredible results.”

Dr. Serena (Cosmetic doctor with more than 20 years’ experience in the sector)

Client Testimonials

I am very happy, a month after the treatment I was able to buckle my trousers without my abdominal fat hanging over.”

J. Ford. 56. Abdominal zone



I am satisfied with the treatment. After two sessions, I can still feel how it has reduced the fat I had on my abdomen. I like the results and I think it is recommendable.”

C. Matías. 49. Abdominal zone

Clinical Photos

cooltech icesculpt fat freeze before after
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How many sessions will I need?

The exact number of sessions varies from patient to patient. In general, 1 to 3 sessions per area is recommended, at 1 month intervals.

How long does the treatment take?

A full session takes 70mins per treated area. Cooltech IceSculpt is able to target up to 4 areas at the same time.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is well tolerated by most patients although some may find the cold temperature  to be slightly uncomfortable. This normally occurs at the beginning of the treatment and goes away after a few minutes.

When will results be visible?

Results will start to be seen after 2 weeks and optimal results occur 1 month after the treatment.

Is there any downtime?

Clients can return to their daily activities immediately. As the treatment is non-invasive, there is no need for any recovery time.


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