Fat Freezing Singapore

Fat Freezing Singapore

Fat Freezing Singapore

fat freezing singapore

Fat freezing is an effective non-invasive treatment to lose body fat. Also known by its medical term, Cryolipolysis, fat freezing treatments have taken precedence in Singapore over the traditional fat-shedding surgery or “liposuction”, which is more invasive in the nature of its treatment.

Also going by the term “CoolSculpting” in most treatment centres, fat freezing treatments target the fat cells in your body and they undergo a “cell death process”, thus reducing the percentage of body fat.

This article will help to explain how fat freezing treatments work and what you can expect, as well as the side effects that you may experience after the treatment.

How does fat freezing work?

Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting uses the scientific principle that fat cells are more sensitive to temperature than your skin cells, which means that the surrounding tissue will be left unscathed and will not be damaged by the intense temperature.

The onset of the cell death process is called “apoptosis”. By destroying your fat cells with cold temperature, this destruction then triggers the fat cells to release energy in the form of heat - or in other words, burns calories.

fat freezing apoptosis

In the treatment room, aesthetic doctors place cooling paddles that act as vacuums against affected areas of the body such as your love handles or your waist. These then get to work on focusing on your fat cells, crystallizing them to the point of “cell suicide”.

The suction and cooling sensation you may feel are quite tolerable, as many have reported in their own experiences.

What are the areas you can treat with fat freezing?

Most typically, the areas you can successfully treat with fat freezing include:

  • Double chin
  • Arms
  • Upper & lower abdomen
  • Inner thighs
  • Bra line & back fat
  • Flanks
  • Under buttocks
  • Love handles

Various Applicators Available For Different Areas of the Body

fat freezing applicators for body areas

Depending on the area you’d like to target, some fat freezing treatments like the Cooltech IceSculpt device come with different applicators that can be applied for various parts of the body, including difficult-to-reach areas like under your chin.

Why choose Illumia Therapeutics for fat freezing treatment?

Based in Singapore, Illumia Therapeutics’s suite of body contouring services including their fat freezing treatment Cooltech IceSculpt Fat Freeze employ the use of advanced technologies to help you achieve your desired goals within a number of sessions.

By their motto, Illumia believes in delivering visible results with minimum effort at accessible prices.

Clients can expect the treatments to be:

  • Non-invasive
  • Safe controlled cooling
  • Treats every area of the body
  • Targets localised fat

Cooltech IceSculpt Fat Freeze

The Cooltech IceSculpt Fat Freeze is a fat freezing treatment that targets fats on any part of the body with the latest Cooltech technology from Spain, featuring 360 degree all-round freezing treatment to efficiently get rid of unwanted fats. The results are fast and painless, and there is no downtime.*

fat freezing cooltech before after 1

fat freezing cooltech before after 2

fat freezing cooltech before after 3

fat freezing cooltech before after 4

fat freezing cooltech before after 5


Does fat freezing have side effects?

Due to its non-invasive nature, fat freezing treatments generally do not have any long-term side effects. Complications from the treatment, however, differ from person to person. Some risks include:

  • Selling
  • Bruising
  • Skin redness
  • Localized pain

How is it different from those off-the-shelf fat freezing devices that can be bought online?

Fat freezing treatments can be costly, depending on the treatment centre you opt for. However, it is more recommended to have a specialist perform the CoolSculpting treatment on you than doing it yourself as it may cause more bodily harm without the proper precautions, including getting frostbite, numbness or permanent tissue damage from using the treatment on one localised area for too long.

How long do the results of fat freezing treatments last?

The results from fat freezing treatments may last indefinitely. Accompanied with the right nutrition and physical exercise, the results are also long-lasting.

*Results may vary with each individual.

Is it painless? Is there any downtime?

Yes, they are painless. You will only feel slight tugging of the applicators on the targeted areas of your body, a cooling sensation as the Cooltech works on your fat cells, and slight numbness and redness from the suction after the treatment.

Other FAQs related to fat freezing treatments

Is fat freezing safe?

Fat freezing treatments are proven safe, effective and an alternative to liposuction for fat reduction.

How many fat freezing sessions do you need?

The exact number of sessions varies from patient to patient. In general, 1 to 3 sessions per area is recommended, at 1-month intervals.

Why is fat freezing ineffective for some people?

Without good nutrition or physical exercise clients may gain weight and fats in previously treated areas.

Is freezing fat cells permanent?

Once the fat cells are destroyed, the chances of those fat cells returning are slim to none.

Why is fat freezing popular?

Fat freezing treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical and have no downtime.

Can you do fat freezing at home?

Although the treatment seems to be straightforward, fat freezing treatments are more than simply applying cold temperatures to targeted areas of the body.

Without careful planning and the trained eye of a specialist, doing home fat freezing treatments can bring you more bodily harm, including permanent tissue damage.

Be sure that you practise proper fat freezing aftercare as well for the best results.

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