Extract, Purify, and Nourish

Extract, Purify, and Nourish

Hydra-Detox Balancing Facial

The path to clear skin just got much clearer.

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Recalibrate your skin with a deep detox and intense hydration. Experience thorough cleansing and rejuvenation with this facial for a balanced and healthy-looking complexion.



What is Hydra-Detox Balancing Facial?

This is an innovative hydra-dermabrasion treatment that works as a standalone treatment. In addition, it can be used as a pre-treatment to prep skin for skin other procedures that follow. Featuring an innovative 360° rotating tip that is made of flexible silicone, it feels soft and gentle on the skin. Moreover, it cleanses in a complete circular motion, ensuring homogenous coverage to extract impurities, deep cleanse and deliver skin-loving nutrients simultaneously.inside 2


How does Hydra-Detox Balancing Facial work?

Firstly, an exfoliating solution containing AHA is used to dislodge dead skin cells, prepping the skin surface for extraction. Next, a deep cleanse is performed via a powerful suction coupled with a BHA solution to eliminate dirt and debris without any irritation. Lastly, a nourishing serum packed with skin-loving nutrients and antioxidants is delivered through a rotating tip to ensure optimal product penetration.

How does the treatment feel like?

It feels like a soothing and refreshing experience. There is no irritation, discomfort, nor downtime.

What results can I expect?

An effective exfoliation and skin rejuvenation treatment that will leaving your skin clean, hydrated and healthy.




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