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This Is Why Men Need To Get Facials Regularly

Most men view facial treatments in Singapore as something of an indulgence reserved for
women. However, men might actually probably need to get facials more than women.
The main difference between a man’s skin and a woman’s skin is that men have thicker
skin, which also tends to be oilier thanks to androgen hormones. This could also mean
they have larger pores that can get clogged easily. Men’s skin is also more prone to
irritation thanks to the fact that they have to shave everyday. And most men don’t have a
skincare and sun protection routine, which can lead to damage from free radicals caused
by external aggressors. All these factors make men ideal candidates for facials that will
help nurture their skin and keep it healthy. Here are some men’s facials in Singapore that
will help balance sebum production, tackle ageing skin and help firm contours.

Hydra Detox Balancing Facial
Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, this facial helps deep clean pores, gently exfoliate dead
skin, restore hydration and rebalance skin. It starts with sloughing off the top layer of
dead skin with a solution of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Then a solution of beta hydroxy
acid (BHA) along with powerful suction thoroughly cleanses the pores. The small size of
the BHA molecules along with the suction allow for a deep cleanse that removes sebum,
dirt and debris from within the pores without any redness or irritation. The deep
cleansing and exfoliation are so gentle that even those with sensitive skin can opt for this
facial. The facial ends with a nourishing serum that restores the moisture-sebum balance
in the skin. This serum is delivered with a rotating tip for better absorption. After each
session your skin feels balanced, healthy and hydrated.

Perfect V Facial
In this age of social media, everyone—and we mean everyone, men and women—want
to look good from all angles, online and in real life. Men usually have a stronger jaw
structure that gives them better definition. However, over time that can be compromised
with skin laxity as well as a double chin. A double chin is essentially stubborn fat deposits
along with loose skin. But it’s nothing the Perfect V facial cannot tackle. This facial
combines ultrasound, radio frequency and a new type of combined ultrasound
technology to improve facial contours.

The ultrasound specifically targets the fat cells and the destroyed fat cells are eventually
naturally eliminated from the body. Simultaneously, heat from the radio frequency
triggers the production of collagen and elastin to help tighten skin and diminish the
appearance of lines and wrinkles to further slow down skin ageing. The overall effect is a
more chiselled and contoured jawline and rejuvenated skin.

Cryo Fat Freeze Facial
This treatment uses thermal shock technology, which refers to extremely high and low temperatures alternately to non-invasively
target stubborn fat while also lifting, tightening and rejuvenating skin. Used with the anti-
ageing or lifting mode for the face, the cold temperature is able to rejuvenate skin,
improve the look of lines and wrinkles, tackle a double chin as well as firm and tone skin.
A large part of skin ageing comes from inflammation and the cold shock in this
treatment stimulates a specific protein—RMB3 protein— which triggers a series of
reactions at the cellular level that result in strong anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin.
This combats ageing due to inflammation and helps slow the process of ageing. Each
session helps to rejuvenate skin, make deep wrinkles and fine lines less visible as well as
firm and tone skin for a taut, youthful visage.

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