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Body Treatments

illumia TeslaForte [Wheelock Exclusive]

Burn, Tone, Build

The illumia TeslaForte is the non-invasive answer to build muscle mass, burn fats, tone abs and lift buttocks, as it delivers the same effect as a high-intensity workout. A 30-minute treatment session at the abdomen is equivalent to 50,000 sit-ups, while the same treatment applied at the buttock area equates to 50,000 butt lifts. This is a highly advanced device that lets you achieve your dream body while lying down.

Treatment Highlights
  • Non-invasive
  • Pain-less
  • Burns fats
  • Builds muscles
  • Tones body
  • FMS technology simulates high intensity workout
Fat Reduction
Body Sculpting
Skin Tightening
Muscle Definition
Lymphatic Drainage

The illumia TeslaForte uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology (FMS), which is a pulsed magnetic field to stimulate muscle contractions around the treated areas. It is a non-invasive body treatment, and is scientifically proven to increase muscle strength and muscle mass at the target areas.

why choose illumia?

At illumia Therapeutics, we celebrate you. No matter what your beauty goals are, our team of experienced therapists are committed to providing you with a tailored treatment plan. Thanks to our team’s years of expertise and use of innovative, illumia-exclusive technologies, you can expect maximum results with minimum effort.

Why they love it

Hyper Lychee

I have came to illumia for 3 times for facial and Cindy has always been very gentle and warm to me. After 3 times of facial, my face has been smoother and lesser blackheads. I would definitely come back again for facial and recommend my friends who are looking to do facial to come here. 5 stars service from Cindy and I always look forward to coming here for every appointment!


Came for the unlimited body sculpting treatment & am very pleased to be able to real results after one month!
My first consultation with Janice was super easy, she explained the packages well, answered my doubts/concerns readily, gave me her honest opinion & was very accommodating. The therapists that has helped me with the treatments, Jean & Cindy, will help to see your needs and decide which treatment works, also very patient in explaining to me the process & functions of the treatments. Even though each time you may get a different therapist they are still on top of your condition. Overall, everyone here is very bubbly & welcoming, very relaxing ambience as well 👍🏻

Hui Ting L.

Have been a customer of the nex branch for almost a year and I am very satisfied with the results of the body sculpting plan curated for me by Julia. She helped to plan around my budget and made sure I get the most out of the deals available. I was served by Mei Sien who is super friendly and her expertise in targeting areas of concern are really spot on! She is attentive towards customer and ensure that I am always comfortable during the treatment session. Overall I really enjoyed the sessions at illumina Nex and everyone around me told me they can see the great results from the treatments!

Candy Ziqi

My main therapist is Venus who carry out all the treatments very professionally and assisted me in my goal of achieving a more sculpted look. I was initially at around 46-47kg after 11 months postpartum when I came to illumia… After 6 months at illumia, with 20 applicators of fat freezing, and now on the sculpt programme, I am amazingly at 43.6kg today morning…I wear back 90% of my pre-pregnancy clothes which are all my lovely dresses…my results are pretty impressive and I hope you find it inspiring for you to take the route to a more sculpted body at here, Illumia Nex.

Nataleia S

I highly recommend visiting Illumia Therapeutics for their body sculpting treatments!! Overall, their service is highly professional and helpful. In particular, I’d like to thank Stephanie and Pauline for their kindness and assistance! :) Stephanie was my consultant and gave clear advice on which services I should use, with no hard selling. She was very friendly and even gave me biscuits before my treatment because I had not eaten my lunch. My therapist was Pauline and she made me feel comfortable during my treatments, especially since it was my first visit and the machines were a little intimidating. She explained to me clearly and gave me a heads up on what sensations I would feel from the machines and it made me less worried knowing what to expect. Her reassuring presence was calming :) Thank you once again :)

Cutie Kiyomii

illumia’s treatments are really good for a reason but it can be quite pricey. Worth the money tho. Took me very very fast to see results. I also like the therapists because they are attentive and the techniques used are quite different. I like that each time I go I know I’m not going to be wasting my time.

Xue Ting

Was preparing for my once in a lifetime event and concern about keeping my body in shape. My therapist is really really very good.. she makes me feel very comfortable during the sessions and is experienced in what she is doing. She will try to solve your concerns and think of various ways and methods to help. Yvonne is also very friendly and always engages and check on me when she sees me. The staff are all friendly! 🤗

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